A Note from Our Founder & CEO...

Hi, I’m Jenn! I believe in dreamers, like you. And I love witnessing people step into their divinely appointed awesomeness. 


I have always been fascinated by human potential. I am so inspired when I see another reach a personal goal, overcome incredible odds, create something purely out of their imagination. From artists to bakers to song writers to entrepreneurs to parents to teachers – there is no one who does not amaze me with their unique gifts. 

 I know sometimes we get stuck in the muck of our minds, and hey, who has time to think about gifts, right?! In life's busy rat race, running here and there thinking about dreams takes a back seat! I totally get it. And talking about 'gifts' seems kind of hokey. But, sometimes it's all we're left with.


Let me explain a bit more.


After several colossal mistakes, not listening to my gut, and writing a book about balance that totally threw me off balance, I found myself with less than $200 to my name.


When our daughter told my husband he makes the best lunches (and he should make lunch for all her friends), my coaching background and entrepreneurial instinct kicked in. I knew his gift for cooking and my kraft brown bag obsession could make for an amazing business. Literally overnight I created a website, an ordering form, and with just a simple Facebook post, The Domesticated Dad Brown Bag Lunch Delivery Service was born!


The business grew, and we catered everything from birthdays to weddings to events for celebrities and editors of Food and Wine Magazine, and we donated thousands of lunches to children in need!  All of this inspired me to help other people find their unique gifts, tap into their stories and messages, write books that heal, harness their light, and serve others from the heart!

While my business has taken on many different shapes and forms over the years (fancy bio HERE) ultimately leading me here to founding Inspired Girl Enterprises, all of my ventures have been rooted in my deep belief that we are magnificently made, born for a purpose, and capable of more than we know. And even when our money is drained, or we are put to the test in a way we could have never imagined, ultimately we each have something more precious than gold, right inside of us. Seeing you plug into that power and shine lights me up more than you could ever know. 

And that’s why I love meeting people like you. I believe that you have everything you need inside of you already. You are not in any way “less than”, you need no “makeover”. If anything, you just need the reminder, a little bit of an eye opener, and perhaps someone to help you see the incredible gifts that are already right inside of you. At Inspired Girl, we create content with this mission in mind - from books to tv shows to films to courses to events to communities!!

We are honored you are here, and hope you find content that speaks to your heart. We believe that with God all things are possible. Whether you want to find your gifts, slay your dreams, write your own story, attend an event, or just simply read the blog, I am with you 10000%! You ROCK!!

Warmly from My Heart to Yours,