What We Believe

Inspired Girl Enterprises is a company focused on creating  and developing content with heart ♥️

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The Inspired Girl Mission is to bring forth content that connects us, joins us together, spreads light, screams JOY, and is love in awesome motion.


Also serving as a “book sherpa” and boutique indie publisher, Inspired Girl titles cover a range of genres from picture books to memoirs to self-help to spirituality to neuroscience. The Inspired Girl roster includes new, emerging, and established authors with incredible messages to share.

The Inspired Girl Philosophy is simple: you rock! You are magnificently made, born for a purpose, and capable of more than you know.

We love a dreamer with child-like faith, a girl’s girl who wears her heart on her sleeve! We also love the fierce woman who stands up for what she believes, sets healthy boundaries, and speaks her truth. And YES we believe you can be both!

We believe 30 seconds of insane courage can change our lives and heal the world.

We believe balance (in the form of having all of your ducks neatly in a row) is bunk, we can set our own terms for success, and that real joy is not something that is dependent on circumstance or stuff.

We believe everyone has a story; we should practice kindness towards ourselves and others, release all judgment of self and others, and we all fall down sometimes.

We believe our worth should not be attached to any string: not the size of our jeans, the number on the scale, the amount of money in our bank accounts – we are worthy no strings attached.

We believe fun and play is essential!!

We believe sometimes life is a messy mess, but there is beauty in it all. The cracked pot shines the most light.

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