Hello, Inspirista!!!


We are SO excited that you clicked on this link. We believe you are meant to be here on this page and as part of this very special collective. We know your light is powerful, and when you plug into it fully - WATCH OUT WORLD!!! 

With a mission to create a community of dreamers + believers like you who desire to live a joyful life of meaning + connection, we have created the Inspired Girl Collective which includes things like:

  1. A private community loaded with tools, trainings, and support;

  2. An online portal of resources to help you ignite that spark, slay your fears, rock your dreams, and rise up;

  3. Monthly virtual "hot seat" meetings for community members to receive support;

  4. Additional recordings of "hot seats" so we can all learn from each other;

  5. In-Person meetups every 6 weeks to discuss and mastermind with option to join virtually;

  6. Bonus virtual meetings with super fun special guests who are SURE TO INSPIRE;

  7. A discount of 33% off all Inspired Girl workshops, events, and offerings;

  8. A tribe of incredible humans who are ready to shine that light;



We are so excited to bring together incredible humans who are lightworkers like you, ready to step into their power fully, and spread their light to others. We could not be more amped up about this!! 

Now, you may be wondering what the heck the term "Lightworker" means, and we know it sounds a little "woo woo"!!  But it's not. It's who we are at the core of our being. We all have an incredible light within us. As the Hafiz quote says, "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being." Being a Lightworker simply means you harness that power and use it to help and heal yourself and others in the world. Being a part of this collective will inspire you (and remind you) how to do just that! And we believe we can collectively raise the vibration and impact the world around us by focusing on using our gifts to serve others.


We wanted to create a community of extraordinary humans like you who are ready to show up and shine! By being a part of The Inspired Girl Collective, you will remember that you are magnificently made, born for a purpose, and capable of more than you know. The information we share in the group will feel "familiar" to your soul. But, it may also stretch you a bit, and may even challenge the limiting beliefs that have unconsciously surrounded the truth that is YOU. As you shed these beliefs, you lighten your proverbial load, and in turn, unleash your amazing light.

Being a Lightworker isn't about changing careers or "doing" anything new, unless of course, your soul is calling for a shift. Lightworkers bring their light into everything they already do. You can be a lawyer, a hair stylist, an entrepreneur, a retail worker, a realtor, an artist, a cook, a stay-at-home mom (you get my drift!) - it doesn't matter what your "job title" is, because your light is so needed, and this community will help you tap into that awesomeness even more. Massive shifts occur when you remember and put into practice the principles we discuss - opportunities open up for you, you become a miracle magnet, every area of your life feels aligned, and your light heals so many people causing a beautiful ripple effect in the world. You will tap into your infinite potential and you will feel full of purpose and JOY!!


And we know we are going to have a ton of fun, too!!

A breakdown of what's included is HERE. Our Private Facebook Group is a space for you all to connect, share, learn, and support one another. The information we share in the group will cover a variety of topics that will help you release the stress that clouds your light, and give you tools to gain clarity, take bold actions, and serve humanity with your gifts.  The Live Virtual "Hot Seats" will give us a chance to put these tools into action by discussing real life situations and working through them!! You will have an opportunity to submit your questions!! If you don't have a question, you can participate in the chat, offer insight, and just observe. And, if you are ready to take your light to the next level, and you would love some "one-on-one" time, you will receive special discounts on all Inspired Girl Offerings and an opportunity to add in private sessions!! 

We are SO excited you are here. It's your time to shine, girl!! The world SO needs your light!! And, we will all be here for you to reignite your spark when you're feeling a little dim, as I know you will do the same for us!! WOOHOO!! 


Warmly with So Much Love,

Jenn and Jess


Kind Words from Clients


“Jennifer is one of the most dedicated coaches I have ever experienced! She has helped me with a lot of breakthroughs, personal branding cohesion, and getting me to the next level! ” ~ Angela Jia Kim, Entrepreneur



“Jennifer Tuma-Young is a gift from God. Her combination of wit, intelligence, and spirit have helped me achieve things that I never imagined. I am forever indebted to her. She is a true expert in helping people both reach their goals and enjoy the simplicity of every day life.” – Tom Kersting, Therapist and Best Selling Author 



"Jennifer does not preach, she does not judge...she gently takes your hand and lovingly guides you on a journey of self-discovery." ~ Rebecca Parsons, Blogger & Artist



“Jennifer Tuma-Young simplifies the balance conundrum that so many of us are in, and she has all the secrets, tips, and inspiration needed to live a life in balance! She is an authentic star in this category of expertise.” ~ Marta Tracy, Author, Creative Director, and Creator of The Style Networks 



“I have totally transformed myself because of Jenn Tuma-Young. She saw the light and brought out the best in me! The world needs her - she gives everyone she meets the confidence and courage to move mountains!” ~ JoAnn Nocera, Educational Leader and Author



"Jennifer has always stayed with my vision and is probably one of the most positive, kindest, hardest working people I know. Couldn’t imagine being on this incredible journey with anyone else. " ~ Lauren Vena, Makeup Artist and Children's Book Author